Collectible one-stop-shop

Upstream offers a secure one-stop-shop for fans to buy and sell authenticated Collectibles among a global fan-investor community. Upstream streamlines the collection process with in-app wallet creation, account funding using USD and USDC, and simplified Collectible creation. No blockchain knowledge required.

Collectibles on Upstream are implemented using the Ethereum ERC-721 Non-fungible Token (NFT) Standard.

Create, buy and sell Collectibles
Create, buy and sell Collectibles

Home to fan-driven asset classes

As a global exchange and trading app, Upstream supports athlete & celebrity IPOs. This gives our creator community the opportunity to supplement their IPOs with exclusive Collectibles in a secure environment. Upstream offers unique airdrops for athlete and celebrity memorabilia, videos, pictures, scripts, etc. for the community to enjoy.

Next level buyer/seller identity verification

Upstream is a fully regulated digital stock exchange which means our market inherently meets US-securities and bank-secrecy laws as standard practice. On top of other safeguards, Upstream verifies all buyers and sellers to maintain a fair and secure ecosystem.

Create, buy and sell Collectibles