About Sponsor Advisors

The MERJ listing framework provides for the role of a listing sponsor (Sponsor Advisor). Sponsor Advisors are qualified global advisors of issuers of securities (including securities tokens) and digital assets. A MERJ approved Sponsor Advisor must be appointed by an issuer seeking to apply for a primary listing of securities or digital assets on either MERJ Primary or MERJ Exchange. MERJ Sponsor Advisors provide a value-added service to issuers and help maintain the overall integrity of MERJ markets. They have a primary obligation to MERJ by ensuring adherence by applicants and listed issuers to the prevailing Listing Rules in place at the time. They advise issuers on their initial and ongoing obligations as laid out in the Listing Rules.

MERJ provides a unique combination of a regulated global primary market platform (MERJ Primary) along with a regulated global secondary market (MERJ Exchange) each of which support securities (including securities tokens) and digital assets. Issuers range from early-stage startups through to seasoned companies. As a licensed and regulated national securities exchange, securities and other instruments listed on MERJ are considered listed securities under Seychelles law and will usually qualify as “listed securities” in terms of regulations of foreign markets. This means potentially attracting a broader range of global investors and a larger portion of investment mandates both on the primary and secondary markets. U.S. investors may not deposit or trade securities on Upstream at this time.

List of Sponsor Advisors

Horizon Fintex Advisors Ltd

Name: Horizon Fintex Advisors Ltd

Contact Person: Michael Boswell

Address: F20 Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Republic of Seychelles

Email: info@fintexadvisory.com

Phone Number: +1-516-308-6167

Website: https://fintexadvisory.com

ACM Associates

Name: ACM Associates

Contact Person: Jean Marie Moutia

Address: Laximan House, Castor Road, English River, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles

Email: acm@seychelles.sc

Phone Number: +2484224691

Website: https://acmfinancials.com

Amalga Securities Ltd

Name: Amalga Securities Ltd

Contact Person: Mr. Craig Johnson

Address: Eden Plaza F1, Eden Island, Mahe, Seychelles

Email: cj@amalga.sc

Phone Number: +248 4304455

Website: https://www.amalga.sc

BardiCredit GmbH

Name: BardiCredit GmbH

Contact Person: Juraj Salapa

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 21, Zug, 6300 Switzerland

Email: george@bardicredit.com

Phone Number: +421910571065

Website: https://bardicredit.com

DIGTL Ltd. (dba Digital Markets)

Name: DIGTL Ltd. (dba Digital Markets)

Contact Person: Kyle Fry

Address: Intershore Chambers 3rd Floor, Geneva Place, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands VG1110 with offices in New York and Toronto

Email: kyle@digtl.co

Phone Number: 1-720-837-5039

Website: https://digtl.co

Dolfin Financial (UK) Limited

Name: Dolfin Financial (UK) Limited

Contact Person: Mr Sanjay Maraj

Address: 50 Berkeley Street, Mayfair, London, England, W1J8HA

Email: Sanjay.maraj@dolfin.com

Phone Number: +44 2037003888

Website: https://dolfin.com

PKF Capital Markets (Seychelles) Limited

Name: PKF Capital Markets (Seychelles) Limited

Contact Person: Mr. Nico Ackermann

Address: 104 First Floor, Waterside Property, Eden Island, Seychelles

Email: nico.ackermann@pkf.com

Phone Number: +248 434 6770

Website: http://www.pkf.sc

Safyr Capital Partners Ltd

Name: Safyr Capital Partners Ltd

Contact Person: Deva Marianen

Address: 11th Floor, Bramer House Cybercity Ebene 72201 Republic of Mauritius

Email: deva.marianen@safyrmu.com

Phone Number: +2304034250

Website: http://www.syul.mu

Shanghai Bingyue Investment Management. Co. Ltd

Name: Shanghai Bingyue Investment Management. Co. Ltd

Contact Person: Eric Cui

Address: Room 704, Building 1, Greenland M-Town, No. 515 Hunake Road, Pudong, New Area, Shanghai, China

Email: cuixiaohao@shbycapital.com

Phone Number: 021-63065517

Website: http://www.shbycapital.com

Shanghai Chucheng Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Name: Shanghai Chucheng Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: David Guan

Address: Room 601, Huaneng Union Tower, No. 958 Lu Jiazui Ring Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China

Email: davidguan@chuchengcapital.com

Phone Number: 021-31663586

Website: http://en.chinacccg.com

Sponsor Advisor Requirements

MERJ approved Sponsor Advisors may advise issuers of different asset classes (digital assets, funds, equities, debt) based on their qualifications.

In order to qualify as a Sponsor Advisor, an applicant must meet one of the following minimum requirements:

  • Licensed Seychelles securities dealer
  • Seychelles practicing attorney
  • Seychelles practicing accountant
  • Fund administrators in Seychelles or a “recognized jurisdiction” (for funds only)
  • Licensed securities broker/dealer or financial institution in a “recognized jurisdiction” - Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Ireland, Japan, Jersey, Luxembourg, Malaysia (including Labuan), Mauritius, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America
  • Practicing attorney in a recognized jurisdiction
  • Practicing accountant in a recognized jurisdiction
  • Licensed fund administrator in a recognized jurisdiction (for funds only)

Note: In most circumstances, MERJ will restrict any Sponsor Advisor not domiciled in Seychelles to advising issuers domiciled in the same jurisdiction where the Sponsor Advisor operates.