St. John's University

New York City


Since 1870, St. John's University has been part of the life and legacy of New York. Founded in Brooklyn before New York City was consolidated, the proud and enduring mission of St. John's is to be an institution of higher education for immigrants and their children. That mission has endured for more than a century and a half. From a one-room schoolhouse in Brooklyn, NY, St. John's has grown to be a local, national, and global institution of higher education with an alumni network that totals 195,000+ members strong. St. John's is one of the nation's most diverse institutions of higher education, enriched by a tapestry of cultures that complement an internationalized curriculum. Its New York City roots also give deep connections to the companies and opportunities found in one of the world's most globally connected cities.

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St. John's Johnny Thunderbird

Upstream: JOHNNIES

Supply: 474 NFT(s) remaining

Offer Ends: 15/02/2023

Time remaining: 467 days remaining

Celebrate Johnnies Day 2.11.23 with St. John's 1st ever Digital Collectible (NFT)! The claim code will be announced Saturday ahead of the Men's Basketball Game at Madison Square Garden.