Jesta Jesta



Jesta is a Jamaican born singer / rapper who uses his platform to influence fans with timeless relatable music. Jesta ignites any stage with energetic a passion filled performances, always making the crowd and fans a part of his performance. Since his first release ‘Romantick’; ft Dancehall’s icon D’Angel, Jesta has continued to bring a massive vibe to the dance floor with solo releases such as ‘Jealousy’ and ‘Ready’ ft Darkcharm. He now wants to keep you on your toes with the new smash hit single ‘Swell Up’. Keep an eye out for more sensational music releases … You won’t just listen to Jesta’s music … you WILL groove to these absolute bangers! Oh yea !!! crazy energizing EP on the way in the new year stay locked!

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Swell Up

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Exclusive song with digital autograph