Capital-protected investments with transparency enforced by the Ethereum blockchain

Global retail investor access with participation in cryptocurrency or fiat

Streamlined trading from the smartphone trading app


Unlocking the SPAC IPO surge for retail investors using blockchain technology

To date, SPACs have almost exclusively been offered to well-connected institutional investors, Wall St., and the world of private equity and hedge funds.

Upstream’s tokenized SPACs will be the first to be offered to individual investors that then trade on Upstream, the revolutionary exchange and trading app for digital securities. Experience a transparent investor-driven market with no predatory market makers, no short-selling, wash trading or other market manipulations.


Browse SPAC opportunities

We’re attracting high-quality SPAC Sponsors in the blockchain and fintech sectors with extensive investment track records to lead the first tokenized SPACs.

Invest in tokenized SPACs

Participate in cutting-edge SPACs using USDC stablecoin or traditional bank payments. Control your tokenized shares and warrants directly on your smartphone. SPAC IPO funds will be held in secure, regulated, segregated custody accounts.

Vote seamlessly from the app

Shareholders vote on whether to approve an acquisition target in the app with 100% of their investment returned if they do not deem the acquisition to be in their best interest.

Trade your tokenized SPAC securities

Tokenized SPAC securities are registered, unrestricted securities free to trade on the Upstream app immediately following the SPAC IPO.

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