Eastside Boyz



Big Sam & Lil Bo started their music career with Lil Jon in 1996 with a song called Who U Wit that was wrote by Big Sam in 1993. The group then signed with Mirror Image Records in 1997 & recorded their first album called WHO U WIT GET CRUNK which went gold. Then they followed up in 1999 with WE STILL CRUNK DA ALBUM which also went gold. Then in 2001 Lil Jon & the EASTSIDE BOYZ signed a Indy/major deal with TVT RECORDS. The group was on TVT RECORDS from 2001-2005 which they put out 4 albums: PUT YOUR HOOD UP (PLATINUM),KINGS OF CRUNK (2X PLATINUM), PART II, CRUNK JUICE (3x PLATINUM). Also countless Tv shows, movies (SOUL PLANE) & A host of videos which can be seen on YOUTUBE. The group dismembered in June 2005. Since then the EASTSIDE BOYZ have still been tearing down stages without Lil Jon & BIG SAM is a host on the new TV show HIPE CITY 365 coming soon to TV ONE as well as a couple of movies (RECOGNIZE). BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE NEW EASTSIDE BOYZ ALBUM & BIG SAM ALBUM.

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Eastside Boyz TJ Fantastic Voyage

Upstream: ESB-TJFV

Supply: 98 NFT(s) remaining

Offer Ends: 27/05/2023

Time remaining: 366 days remaining

This NFT commemorates the Eastside Boyz performance on the TJFV 2023!

The Real Eastside Boyz


Supply: 95

Offer Ends:

Price: $15.00

Big Sam's Gas Can commemorates Big Sam's time with the Eastside Boyz

The Real Eastside Boyz Meet & Greet

Upstream: ATLESB

Supply: 100

Offer Ends: 19/12/2032

Price: $160.00

This NFT commemorates the New Years Eve Meet & Greet event with the Eastside Boyz in Hawaii.